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Motorcycle Tours to South West England ...

Across the Channel, opposite from France, there is an island, they call England. A bit weird, these guys, they exported most of their industries to India, want to share the benefits of the EU only as long as its for their own bbenefit only.

And then - the weather - they say its always raining over there

So far with the clichees - my wife and I went there last year, she with a car, me  on my Tiger trying to explore this place a bit further - and we were in for a big surprise: friendly and helpful people wherever we came, gorgeous country roads to go by (motor) bike (in facts its more fun on a bike than with a car because of the curving roads going up and down the hills), secretive, small, yet luxury country hotels with superb restaurants and chefs you could as well find in Italy or France, a pleasant climate, not too hot, not too cold and surprisingly hardly any rain at all.

So we decided to organize motorcycle tours in this area. As bikers tend not go on main roads, the challenge is to find the small side roads which give the true bike feeling, so we set off and got in touch with a bunch of ex-motorcycle cops from the area and started to work with them exploring our tours. That took us almost six months but the result was smashing. Not only did we get a full seven day tour-program poacked with scenic spots, great places to stop for lunch and fag-breaks, but we also found great people to work with and being enthusiastic to act as tourguides.

Customers from the continent are collected at Calais, where the tourguide will be waiting outside the port area to guide you through the ferry check in (we have already booked the ferry for you so be sure to be on time) and brief you during the 90 minute ferry ride to Dover, from where we take you to the tour hotel on easy roads as a warm up tour to make you familiar with the english way of driving. You will be suprised how friendly and polite British drivers are compared to the continent. We arrive at the tour hotel in Corton (Wiltshire) around 8pm on Saturday evening where a wellcome drink waits for you before you can freshen up and get ready for dinner.

We start from Corton, near Warminster in Wiltshire, in groups of maximum eight bikes, every Sunday monring and for the following six days, do six tours into different areas of the South West of England and South Wales. We leave our baggage in the hotel for the whole week, starting in the morning after a sumptous breakfast continental or english style, doing a lunch stop in fine places where you may (in your option) take a lunch, before we return in the evening for a great three course dinner prepared by chefs catering for the spcial needs of hungry bikers although Bratwurst and Pommes Frites (Fried German Sausage and fries) are not on the menue...
On Saturday, the last dy of our tour week, we start early and do a stop at The Ace Cafe in London for breakfast, before the tourguide escorts you to Dover where we have booked the ferry for you which will take you back to Calais (if you are from the continent) so that you can reach home without hurry before midnight on the same day.

Our mission is to take you on a trip through one of the loveliest areas of England, on your favorite mean of transport, offering you a week of sheer driving pleasure, supported by excellent food and drink, luxurious accommodation and great recreational potential. Apart from our professional, yet mega friendly tourguides, you will have our tour managers on site at all times who take care for all eventualities so you can focus on your ride experience with us.

And now - take a look at the following pages - and share our enthusiasm for this great part of England.

Have fun !

Wellcome to the CELSTCO Guided Motorcycle Tours in South West England

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